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StockNumber LH842346
Year 2020
Model MV
Condition New
Mileage 8 mi
HorsePower 300 hp
Engine Cummins
EngineType B6.7
FuelType Diesel
Transmission Automatic
Suspension Air Ride
Axle Single
Tires 22.5
Wheels Aluminum Outside
GrossVehicleWeight 25,999 lb
FrontAxleLbs 11,000 lb
RearAxleLbs 20,000 lb
DriverPosition Left Hand Drive
Color RED
Cab Standard Cab
AirConditioning Yes
CruiseControl Yes
DifferentialLock Yes
Drive 4x2
GrossVehicleWeightRating Class 6: 19,501 - 26,000 pounds
HeatedMirror Yes
PowerLocks Yes
PowerSteering Yes
PowerWindows Both
TiltTelescope Yes
SL26HH3654 STELLAR SLIDER 20,000 LB ROLL RITE DC203 TARPER AIR CONTROLS TOOL BOX 0001ANA AXLE CONFIGURATION, {Navistar} 4x2 0001CAE FRAME RAILS, Heat Treated Alloy Steel (120,000 PSI Yield); 10.125" x 3.580" x 0.312" (257.2mmx 90.9mm x 8.0mm); 460.0" (11684mm) Maximum OAL 0001LNN BUMPER, FRONT, Contoured, Steel, Chrome Plated 0001SAL CROSSMEMBER, REAR, AF, (1) 0001WEJ WHEELBASE RANGE, 199" (505cm) Through and Including 254" (645cm) 0001570 TOW HOOK, FRONT, (2) Frame Mounted 0002ATM AXLE, FRONT NON-DRIVING, {Meritor MFS-11-122A} I-Beam Type, 11,000-lb Capacity 0003AGE SUSPENSION, FRONT, SPRING, Parabolic Taper Leaf, Shackle Type, 11,000-lb Capacity, with Shock Absorbers 0004AZA AIR BRAKE ABS, {Bendix AntiLock Brake System} Full Vehicle Wheel Control System (4-Channel) 0004EBD AIR DRYER, {Wabco System Saver 1200} with Heater 0004EXP BRAKE CHAMBERS, FRONT AXLE, {Bendix} 20 SqIn 0004EXU BRAKE CHAMBERS, REAR AXLE, {Bendix EverSure} 30/30 Spring Brake 0004JCG BRAKES, FRONT, AIR CAM, S-Cam; 15.0" x 4.0"; Includes 20 Sq. In. Long Stroke Brake Chambers 0004NDB BRAKES, REAR, AIR CAM, S-Cam; 16.5" x 7.0"; Includes 30/30 Sq.In. Long Stroke Brake Chamber and SpringActuated Parking Brake 0004SPA AIR COMPRESSOR, {Cummins} 18.7 CFM Capacity 0004VKC AIR DRYER LOCATION, Mounted Inside Left Rail, Back of Cab 0004VKH AIR TANK LOCATION, (2) Mounted Under Battery Box, Outside Right Rail, Under Cab 0004WBX DUST SHIELDS, FRONT BRAKE, for Air Brakes 0004WDM DUST SHIELDS, REAR BRAKE, for Air Brakes 0004091 BRAKE SYSTEM, AIR, Dual System for Straight Truck Applications 0005CAW STEERING WHEEL, 4-Spoke; 18" Dia., Black 0005PSA STEERING GEAR, {Sheppard M100} Power 0005708 STEERING COLUMN, Tilting 0007BLB EXHAUST SYSTEM, Single, Horizontal Aftertreatment Device, Frame Mounted Under Right Rail, Back of Cab, for Vertical Tail Pipe, Frame Mounted Right Side Back of Cab 0007SCP ENGINE EXHAUST BRAKE, for Cummins ISB/B6.7/ISL/L9 Engine with Variable Vane Turbo Charger 0007WBA TAIL PIPE, (1) Turnback Type, Bright, for Single Exhaust 0007WBS MUFFLER/TAIL PIPE GUARD, (1) Bright Stainless Steel 0007WDM EXHAUST HEIGHT, 10' 0008GXD ALTERNATOR, {Leece-Neville AVI160P2013} Brush Type; 12 Volt 160 Amp. Capacity, Pad Mount, with Remote Sense 0008HAB BODY BUILDER WIRING, Back of Day Cab at Left Frame or Under Sleeper, Extended or Crew Cab at Left Frame; Includes Sealed Connectors for Tail/Amber Turn/Marker/ Backup/Accessory Power/Ground and Sealed Connector for Stop/Turn 0008MJT BATTERY SYSTEM, {Fleetrite} Maintenance-Free, (2) 12-Volt 1900CCA Total, Top Threaded Stud 0008RML RADIO, AM/FM/WB/Clock/Bluetooth/USB Input/3.5MM Auxiliary Input, MP3, Apple Device Play& Control, Bluetooth for Phone & Music 0008RMZ SPEAKERS, (2) 6.5" Dual Cone Mounted in Both Doors, (2) 5.25" Dual Cone Mounted in Both B-Pillars 0008RNC CB RADIO, Accommodation Package; Header Mounted; Feeds From Accessory Side of Ignition Switch; Includes Power Source and Two (2) Antennas, Antenna Bases with Wiring on Both Side Mirrors 0008VAY HORN, ELECTRIC, Disc Style 0008VUX BATTERY BOX, Steel, with Plastic Cover, 25" Wide, 2-3 Battery Capacity, Mounted Right Side Under Cab 0008WGL WINDSHIELD WIPER SPD CONTROL, Force Wipers to Slowest Intermittent Speed When Park Brake Set and Wipers Left on for a Predetermined Time 0008WJZ WORKLIGHT ON W/BACKUP, Work Lights will Activate when Vehicle is in Reverse 0008WPB HEADLIGHTS, Halogen; Composite Aero Design for Two Light System; Includes Daytime Running Lights 0008WPZ TEST EXTERIOR LIGHTS, Pre-Trip Inspection will Cycle all Exterior Lamps Except Back-up Lights 0008WRB HEADLIGHTS ON W/WIPERS, Headlights Will Automatically Turn on if Windshield Wipers are turned on 0008WTK STARTING MOTOR, {Delco Remy 38MT Type 300} 12 Volt; less Thermal Over-Crank Protection 0008WTT SWITCH, TOGGLE, FOR WORK LIGHT, Lighted; on Instrument Panel and Wiring Effects for Customer Furnished End of Frame Light 0008WWJ INDICATOR, LOW COOLANT LEVEL, with Audible Alarm 0008WXD ALARM, PARKING BRAKE, Electric Horn Sounds in Repetitive Manner When Vehicle Park Brake is "NOT" Set,with Ignition "OFF" and any Door Opened 0008XAH CIRCUIT BREAKERS, Manual-Reset (Main Panel) SAE Type III with Trip Indicators, Replaces All Fuses 0008XHN HORN, AIR, Black, Single Trumpet, with Lanyard Pull Cord 0008000 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM, 12-Volt, Standard Equipment 0008518 CIGAR LIGHTER, Includes Ash Cup 0008718 POWER SOURCE, Cigar Type Receptacle without Plug and Cord 0009AAB LOGOS EXTERIOR, Model Badges 0009AAE LOGOS EXTERIOR, ENGINE, Badges 0009HAD GRILLE, Chrome 0009WAY FRONT END, Tilting, Fiberglass, with Three Piece Construction 0010WGD SPECIAL RATING, GVWR, Limited to 25,999-lb GVWR 0010WKN KEYS - ALL ALIKE, ID, I-1624 Compatible with Z-250 0010WUE MUD FLAPS, FRONT WHEELS, (2) Rubber, Behind Front Wheels, Mounted on Fender Extension 0010060 PAINT SCHEMATIC, PT-1, Single Color, Design 100 0
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